Cabin Kits


The word "kit" is often left to the manufacturer to interpret. You can visit websites of multiple log home manufacturers and chances are that you'll see many different definitions of what a "kit" is. Here at Middleton Timber Products we try to keep things as simple as possible. We specialize in one thing, and that one thing is what makes us your best choice....... Logs. Our kits consist of all the logs you need for your project, plus all of the screws, weather stripping, and glue you need too. We then work with your builder to ensure they have what they need to complete your project. Our logs can be purchased in random lengths, or completely cut, notched, and ready for your project.

Each kit comes standard with the following:

  • Corner Posts For All Corners
  • 4 Layer Smart Logs With Ponderossa Pine Wood and a T&G cut. D profile or DD
  • Foam Insulation Gaskets, Log Screws, Glue

We are able to make changes to wood species and to the corners. We can also pre-stain your logs for you. If any of these services interest you please let us know.  

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