Our History

Our History And Beginnings:

Established in 1985, Middleton Timber has played a major role in the growth of log homes and cabins throughout North America. With thousands of buildings delivered all over the country, Middleton Timber has created a legacy of durability and beauty.

Jeff Middleton: Founder/Owner:

Jeff started Middleton Timber as a young man who enjoyed working with wood and building wood structures. He also understood the importance of proper forest management, and through that he found a way to combine his passion with a need. Jeff invested in the equipment necessary for him to both harvest the logs and cut them down into workable lumber. 

He began taking the lumber and plaining it into log siding for the front of homes, and also creating tongue & groove flat lumber for interior walls. He was furring out walls and decided to come up with a way that would make the process better and more durable. He started using logs to create the walls and soon became tired of the splitting, shrinking, and expanding of the logs. Being a perfectionist, Jeff knew that there still had to be a better way to accomplish bringing the look of the combined log exterior siding and the T&G interior walls into home building. 

Jeff was using glulam beams to support the weight of roofs and had an idea that would end up changing the future of log homes. He established relationships with the nations largest glulam beam manufacturers and became very familiar with their processes. He used their input and suggestions to create a glulam process for logs and named them Smart Logs. 

Jeff purchased a 25,000 pound Stetson Ross plainer, built entirely out of cast iron,  and had it specially configured to to create the world's toughest logs. This incredible plainer was put in place and a building was then constructed around it. 

One might think that after creating the worlds best log that Jeff would rest on his innovation, but the opposite is the case. Jeff is constantly looking at ways to make something that is the best be even better. Thousands of units later, Jeff knows things can still somehow be better.

What is the future of Middleton Timber? Our forests have suffered through fires, mis-management, and devastating bark beetles. Middleton Timber has an opportunity to help our forests in the recovery process. Investments have been made in machinery that will spend most of the year cutting down the beetle kill trees and grinding up the fallen timbers in an effort to encourage a recycling process. Solid partnerships with state and federal agencies allows Middleton Timber to stay at the forefront of environmental conservation and management opportunities. 

On January 1, 2020 Middleton Timber was split into 2 divisions to better serve our amazing and loyal customers. Middleton Timber will continue on the path of environmental land management while Middleton Timber Products is how we are known in the log home, shed, and furniture business categories.  

Middleton Timber Products is committed to providing the best products that money can buy. Middleton Timber Products will also be dedicated to making your purchasing process as simple and trouble free as possible. Our lamination procedure is nothing new to the building process; however, we have invested into the proper machinery to provide you with an innovative and premium product.

The strict testing that goes into the process of creating a log that resists warping, cracking, or shrinking, is what makes Middleton Timber Products the best in the industry.

We do all of the processing and manufacturing of the logs at our facility in Cedar City, Utah. You are welcome to come by our facility and let us show you how your log home is made. We work hard to provide quality products, prompt delivery and outstanding customer service.