What is the SmartLog System?


Our logs are produced using several pieces of dried (average 12% moisture content) 2x8 dimensional lumber. These pieces are bonded together and then milled into a traditional log profile that offers the look and exceeds the quality of traditional full logs. These logs, and the included weather stripping, glue, and 10" log screws, come together to create the SmartLog System.

Middleton Timber Products SmartLog System offer several distinct advantages over standard full logs to today's builder.

Advantage one: Minimization of checking or other seasonal defects associated with large one-piece wood members, in that the laminations are thin enough to be readily seasoned before manufacture of the members. (Source: Handbook of Wood Technology and House Construction)

Advantage two: Wood Species and grades can be mixed, with different types used for interior and exterior walls. This can often save the builder money, while at the same time allowing him/her to create a truly custom look by using, for example, pinewood exterior walls and redwood interior walls.

Advantage three: Our kits can be pre-cut, notched and numbered. We also sell random length logs.

Advantage four: Middleton Timber Products also offers the patented "Smart Jam"TM window trim system which is installed as the logs are stacked, avoiding the major cost and time invoved in fitting windows after the cabin has been built.

Advantage five: Middleton Timber Products logs and custom lumber products can be pre-stained before shipment

Laminated beams have been used in the US since the 1930's. Since then they have become the preferred means of building incredibly beautiful and reliably durable buildings all around the world. Middleton Timber Products was one of the first mills in the USA to create logs using the process designed to manufacture world class structural beams.

We can provide SmartLogs in multiple lengths, in multiple shapes, and with multiple corner options. We use 2x8 lumber for all designs and have found this size to provide optimal strength.