These Are Some Of Most Frequently Asked Questions That We Receive. If Your Question Is Not Found Here Then Please Reach Out To Us.
What Are Smart Logs?
Click here to visit our Smart Log page for detailed information.


Can I Build My Own Kit?

Sure! With the right equipment and some extra people to help out, you can build your own cabin. We always recommend consulting with our construction team before and even during the process to make sure you are doing it the best possible way. 

Can I Customize My order?

Absolutely. This is your project, it should look the way you want it to look. Once plans are finalized it becomes more difficult to make adjustments, so be sure to communicate specific wants and needs in the early stages of planning.

How Long Does It Take To Build My Order?

This is a tough question to answer because there are several situations that can change the production date. We do our best to have your cabin prepared for delivery within a month. The size of the cabin and the time of year can effect this plan by 2-3 weeks. We provide an estimated delivery date with every quote.

Will You Ship My Order To Me?

We will work with a transportation team to have your cabin delivered to you. If you would rather pick it up then we will have it wrapped and ready for you to pick up directly from us at the mill.

Does Middleton Timber Products create my floor plans for me?

We have multiple floor plans to choose from on our website, but there are also thousands of options on multiple other sites. If you find a plan that you would like to have us quote on then please submit the plans to us and we will create a quote based on your needs. After all decisions are made then we will have our team create the final working blueprints for your cabin. These working blueprints will include 3D floor plans and specific colors that you've requested.

What Type Of Wood Do You Prefer To Use?

We prefer to work with pinion pine lumber. It is a very durable and very available wood. We have the ability to mix species so let us know if you have specific needs or wants. We also have the ability to stain the logs as they exit the plaining machine. This stain can be any color you would like for your finished project.

Why Does Moisture Count Matter?

Moisture in wood can be devastating to any project if not managed appropriately. It causes lumber to wrap, bend, and measure incorrectly. We dry our lumber to a minimum of 12% moisture count. We need a small amount of moisture to exist in the lumber to help the adhesive take hold. If we have a moisture count the is too low then the glue process will not work. 

Will I have Bugs In My Logs?

No. The kiln drying process that takes down the moisture count also eliminates any insects that may be living in the wood. 

How Do You Deal With Wood Waste?

We do our best to use all parts of the logs and lumber. Even our sawdust gets used in the form of fertilizer, pet beds, and several other end uses. Accurate measurement means accurate cutting. Our construction partners are also trained to make sure that all processes are followed in order to avoid assembly mistakes that may end in log damage and require additional logs to be built and delivered. 

Can I Finance My Cabin Like A Home?

Yes, and no. This is a tricky question that requires conversation with a lending agent. We have a page here that explains the financing scenarios that may work best for you.

Will Middleton Timber Products Ship Outside Of The USA?

Yes. This requires some added shipping layers, but our logistics team is ready to ship all over the world.